We established a facility for high-throughput yeast phenotyping (URL). This facility is equipped with a Tecan Freedom EVO 200 automated liquid handler with three arms (robotic manipulation arm, multi-channel 96-pipette arm, and an 8-pipette arm). Interfaced to this robotic platform are a Liconic STX-44 temperature- and humidity-controlled automated shaking plate incubator, a Tecan Infinite F200 plate specrophotometer, a plate shaker, and bar code reader. Adjacent to this is a KiNEDx robotic arm on a 2m rail (Peak Robotics) that interfaces with the Tecan liquid handler, a Scan^R high-throughput fluorescent microscopy (Olympus) and a HyperCyt, a high-throughput liquid loader (IntelliCyt) to a Flowcytometer (BD Biosciences FACSCalibur, upgraded to 3-laser setup, Cytek Development Inc). The integration includes full control of all devices from a single computer running Evoware Plus scheduling software.

Tecan view 1

Tecan view 2